Hiking in my own neighborhood

My neighborhood is 100% car-oriented suburb (not my favorite thing, but it’s what I’ve got). However, nearby is a very nice trail system that extends 20-30 miles along a creekbed. I’ve hiked pretty far along it in one direction, and this afternoon I checked out the other way.

My biggest challenge when hiking is that I love going out– and I hate coming back. Out-and-backs are my nemesis. My partner always worries about me hiking alone, and he said, “Just let me know if you need me to come get you…” Aha! I used that offer as an excuse to hike out as far as I wanted, and not worry about the coming back part.The terrain was different from the other direction– north is rocky steep hills, while south is rolling grassy stuff. Anyway, after 9 miles (one on the road to the trailhead, 8 on the trail) I reached a convenient crossing and called my partner, who came and picked me up.

It’s good to know that I can get away from civilization so close to home! There were some places I couldn’t even hear highway noise. The weather was cruddy, so I was the only person out there, too. It was a refreshing way to wrap up the weekend.

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