Unplanned Friday tempo run

Friday without a plan– but I was feeling like a good, strenuous workout. I wasn’t too sore and my legs felt happy. I kicked around the idea of some DIY HIIT but settled on a longer tempo run instead, because tempo runs are great. So, a 40 minute tempo treadmill run: 10 minutes at easy warm-up pace, 10 at sustainable fast, 5 at a bit faster than sustainable, 5 minutes at really rather fast and difficult, and then 10 minutes back at sustainable fast. Phew. 3.5 miles fit into the 40 minutes, and I still felt really strong at the end.

Somewhere in the past couple weeks I’ve totally stopped feeling "can I run this distance non-stop" and started feeling "how fast can I run this distance"– finally being really strong and comfortable with the 5k distance is such a relief! I usually feel this way at the end of my usual training cycle, and then I scale back running to do something else. But I’m not burned out yet. This would be a great time to start in on getting used to 10k, eh? If only it wasn’t getting so cold…

This weekend’s plans include baking a bunch of holiday cookies and maybe some yoga or weight lifting with the handy home dumbbells. I’m hoping a friend can come over for a cookie party, the kind where you make and chill doughs at home, then get together to bake them– and share the results.

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