Moving the goalposts

I’m always the most motivated to go run when I’m lying in bed thinking about the next day’s workout. The feet start to drag it’s time to actually do the workout! Today was no exception… last night I was like “yeah, why not 5 miles?” and then work blew up this morning and it was looking pretty bad but I talked myself out the door and into 3 miles– which turned into 4 after I started running. I’ll take it. Anyway, 4.12 miles took 50:46. All my runs would be a lot faster if I could erase the giant hill in mile 2.

It’s the worst time of the year to think about training for any kind of distance– not only is it cold as heck out there, but it’s also really busy. But I’ve decided to start adding some mileage to my base and ease towards 10k. I don’t have a race in mind, though. I should probably look for one…

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