Hard runs make me sneeze.

Yes, it’s true: any run that leaves me over-heated afterwards will give me a drippy nose and make me sneeze my head off for the next few hours… or days. It’s frustrating!

Today’s hard run was 4 miles on the treadmill in 48:18– I started at a normal pace and kept turning the speed up progressively. Somehow I hung in there for the whole thing! I’m still kind of boggled by my recent speeding-up.

My sleep tracker keeps track of my steps per day, and one of its more interesting stats is sleep quality vs number of steps. So on days when I run 3 miles, I usually get around 10,000 steps– and that’s where I start to sleep a little better (and apparently if I run 6, I sleep really well). However, I have to start looking with some skepticism at 25,000+ steps per day; the data points around there have to be few and far between! And I wish I knew what day I hit ~30,000 steps, that must’ve been a 9 or 10 mile hike? I didn’t have the phone turned on when I was on the AT, so it’s not then… Anyway, moral of the story: I sleep better when I get adequate activity during the day.

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