The real reason I do farmer’s walks…

Today was the potluck holiday party at my work, and I volunteered to help with setting up this morning. The office ladies were struggling to get the screw caps off the cans of Sterno to heat up the food. They groused, "We need to go get a man!" I came over and unscrewed them. I don’t need no man!

Farmer’s walks: good for deadlifts and impressing office ladies with your grip strength.

Speaking of deadlifts, I also did some of that this morning. It was a pretty quick session: 2×10 bench at 95lb, 2×10 squats at 95lb and 115lb respectively, and 3×5 deadlifts at 135/155/155. My hands are ripped up from the deadlifts. I’m somewhat annoyed at the decaying of my strength, particularly in squats, but I can keep working on it. I finished it up with biceps, kettlebell swings and situps.

Maybe I won’t be too sore tomorrow? It’s supposed to be a nice day, would be a great time to sneak out for a park run…

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