My bodycon dress and my belly: A dilemma

No park run today– instead I had to go in early to cram 3 miles in before a morning conference call. Sigh. Maybe Sunday I can go for a run/hike in the nice weather. Anyway, the 3 miles went by in a speedy 35:20; it was another "keep on turning the treadmill up" run. I’m pretty sore and dealt with a variety of twinges– quads, lower back, side of knee– but somehow I’m developing a tolerance for unpleasantness and I just hung in there and got it done.

Speaking of unpleasantness– in my hurry to get out the door this morning I forgot to pack a pair of undies into my gym bag, so I’m wearing the pair I ran in. Soggy.

As I prepare for Fancy Party tomorrow and think about my dress and hair and lipstick and shoes, I’m having a shapewear dilemma. First off, I really don’t like Spanx and all its relatives. I have both a philosophical opposition to the stuff– my body looks like my body is gonna look, and is not in need of control– and a practical opposition, since my body obeys conservation of mass and any bit that gets smooshed out of one area winds up in another, plus it’s massively uncomfortable. But… My dress is bodycon and my belly is prominent. I’m happy with the rear view and okay with the front view but the side view is not my favorite– the look of the dress varies wildly with how much tension I keep in my abdomen. My belly is always droopy.

So I’m thinking about going out to the store this evening to search for some kind of belly-smooshing shapewear that won’t run, bind, creep, cause more lumps, or be difficult to pee in after a few glasses of champagne. Does such a unicorn exist? Bonus points if it keeps ye olde chub rub at bay…

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6 Responses to My bodycon dress and my belly: A dilemma

  1. Julie says:

    Don’t think such a garment exists unfortunately! If you could invent one you could become very wealthy….

    • G says:

      Well, I wound up buying one– and it has a split crotch gusset so I can pee without taking it off! Seriously, that was the selling point…

  2. stephieann8 says:

    I’m wearing a bodycon to a wedding tomorrow. I bought Spanx but I don’t know if I’ll wear it.

  3. I always do spanx cos I can’t be bothered to be all tense all evening!

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