And this is why you should always have a spotter.

Yet another tough workout today. To spare my legs, I stuck with lifting only upper body (bench, OHP, rows, bicep, tricep). Or was it to avoid the hated squats? Anyway, that’s how I did it.

At the 10th rep of my second bench set, my arms decided they were done, and I failed to lift the bar. Rather than try to keep it halfway up, I let it set down lightly on my ribcage and called out for J– who was in the other room. Thankfully there were two other folks in the weight room today and one of them rescued me after I was like "uhhh… help, anyone?!" Note to self: if you’re going to push bench hard, get a spot so you don’t hurt yourself.

After the lifting, I switched shoes (you know you spend too much time in the gym when you use more than one pair of shoes per workout) and went to run a bit. I crammed 2 miles into 22:30 on the treadmill, which required a bit of willpower to hang onto.

My partner is off work until next year (so jealous) and so he’s picked up all the housework and shopping that I’d been doing since he went on crunch. I keep joking that it’s like having a house husband; it’s really very nice! I came home from work yesterday and there was boeuf bourguignon in the oven, and today, while I was sitting in a meeting, he sent me a txt asking what color kitchen mat he should buy. I’m so used to spending mental cycles on house-y stuff; it’s a relief to give it up. (Reminds me of the female tenure-track professor who declared that she ‘needed a wife’ so she could get more work done… of course, some female professors have wives, who may or may not be housewives or take care of that stuff… but it’s an amusing thought at first glance.)

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3 Responses to And this is why you should always have a spotter.

  1. That’s so weird- I love squats but hate bench! I think you can tell though… my arms are really underdeveloped!

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