Runs and rings

My legs held up for a 4-miler on the treadmill today in a completely average time of 49:56. I think the effects of spending time in heels last weekend are finally trickling down; my arches and Achilles are starting to twinge. I’ll have to be sure to stretch my calves carefully and often (and wear sensible shoes!)

My partner and I are getting ready to head to my parents’ for a week. They’re very religious and have never been happy about our cohabitation situation, though they like him a lot and don’t give me much grief– but they’ve always been quite strict about the fact that we cannot co-sleep in their house. No prob– their house, their rules, I guess. But this year, my mom bought a new bed for their guest bedroom and declared that we would both sleep in it, so she hoped I’d have "a ring on my finger". What even? "I bought a new bed for you to sleep in, so you guys better get engaged"?

Just gotta get through 5 days…

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2 Responses to Runs and rings

  1. stephieann8 says:

    I’m sorry I laughed. New bed = ring! My boyfriend is crashing with me at my parents tonight after a Christmas dinner. He is insisting he sleep on the couch because he feels funny sharing my bed.

    • G says:

      Lol, I can see that though. “Excuse me, I am going to go to bed with your daughter now.” Uhh…

      My partner and I have been together for 6 years and living together for 3, so I hope my parents are going to get over it sometime :)

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