In-between holiday time

Well, I’m back at the office and no one else is. It’s so quiet! I decided to take an extra-long gym session, then eat lunch at my desk. Because I can.

Gym time started with some lifting. I carried a case of wine (gift for my partner’s parents) from the car last night and my biceps are sore! That whole ‘carrying a heavy thing in front of the body at waist level’ bit should get worked into some programs, I think. Anyway, this morning I did bench, biceps, triceps and squats. Squats are still surprisingly awful, even at a lighter weight.

After that, me and my tired legs hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles. It wasn’t fun, but I hung in there and made it a solid run. I think my phone’s pace tracking is off; it claims I ran the 3 miles at 11’35” and I SO did not.

It’s not Jan 1 yet, but the gym was busier than usual already. I guess folks are trying to get a head start on their resolutions.

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3 Responses to In-between holiday time

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    So, I am very curious about the whole Engagement. CONGRATULATIONS! by the way.

    It seemed notable that your parents said something about you being allowed to sleep in the same room. Had your partner told them/asked permission to propose before the trip? Just because it seems it couldn’t be coincidental that you’re finally allowed to share a room.

    Don’t mean to pry, just curious about the situation, feel free to ignore if I’m being too inquisitive.

    • G says:

      Thank you!

      So no, there was no asking– my partner recoiled when I asked him that just now! As far as he’s concerned, I am not property of my parents and any relationship that he and I might agree to is entirely our own business and not theirs. (See, this is why I like him.) I suppose my dad might have appreciated if he had asked permission (because he’s old-fashioned like that) but honestly he’d probably have said “you should probably be asking her not me” too :)

      Both our sets of parents have been asking when we’re going to get hitched for approximately forever. So they were pleased but not really super surprised? The bed thing was just coincidental/inertia.

      We were just at the mall buying last-minute presents and decided to look at rings… some awkward discussion happened, and we decided to go for it.

      • Gingerzingi says:

        Well, no, pretty much anyone born in the 20th or 21st century thinks that’s bizarre for the reasons you explain :-) But I have known people who went through the motions to placate ultra-conservative parents.

        Also, I will need descriptions/photos of the ring.

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