First hike of 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays and gotten some relaxing time in.

Santa brought both me and my partner some hiking swag, and we were eager to give our new kit a try. Since the weather was sunny and gorgeous today, we headed out to the nearby trail to hike.

I’m used to hiking long distances, but my partner is still getting into it. The mostly flat 5 miles left him with hip and ankle pain, and he’s been pretty ouchy all day. I let him lead and set the pace, but I guess we were a bit too ambitious– out and backs can be tricky that way.

He wants to get into hiking because I enjoy it so much, because he likes the outdoors, and because it’s a good fitness activity. I want to be encouraging and supportive but I’m afraid that this painful experience will discourage him from hiking again. Obviously I don’t want him to do something that hurts! But I’m hoping that it won’t hurt forever, that he’ll adapt. Mostly I’m just trying not to be a butt about it and give him space to feel better and decide if he wants to try again.

On a lighter note– I achieved one of my 2015 goals and finished knitting a sock, at the very last minute on New Years Eve! Of course, it’s only one sock. And it has a few issues (notably the pointy toe– the instructions said “gather end” after the toe decreases without any details, argh) but it’s a nice-looking and adequately-fitting foot covering. My partner models it below. Now, hopefully I can finish its mate before 2017.


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2 Responses to First hike of 2016

  1. Cheyanne says:

    Love the sock! I tried to crochet one but after an hour I barely had 2 rows and there was a lot of profanity so I just put it down for a while haha. I’m sure your partner will give hiking a try again! It’s so much fun! Maybe a slightly shorter hike next time?

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I dunno, I kind of like the pointy toe!

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