Monday morning yoga

Well, it’s Monday and time to go back to work after the holiday weekend. I was hoping to have a buffer telework day, but I was asked to come in to the office.

Well, since I’m here, at least I could go to early yoga class? (We’ll gloss over the 5am wakeup.) It was a nice one; the instructor always does a deep dive into simple stuff so we can really focus in on what’s happening in our bodies. Today was a lot of hamstring and hip flexor work– not my favorite, but definitely something I need.

And then, since obviously my hip flexors hadn’t been beat up enough, I added a fast 2 miles on the treadmill (22:32). (Now they are plenty beat.)

I didn’t sleep well last night and my uterus is being a pain and I’m just dragging this morning. I probably overdid it at the gym and blew all my energy for the day? Now I get to sit in meetings. Where’s my coffee…

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1 Response to Monday morning yoga

  1. Cheyanne says:

    Oh no! I hope you feel better. I’m seriously DRAGGING this morning. I didn’t want to come to work. :(

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