A short streak of feeling like a badass

When I was putting together the 2015 recap, I started thinking about the rhythm of the year and how I might arrange my activities in the next few months. With the annual 5k coming up at the beginning of April, I’ll need to go back into another training cycle in February.

Which means that now is prime time to get back to lifting heavy for a short streak. Looking back at my Stronglifts final numbers, I decided that my current goals were better met by doing more sets of fewer reps at higher loads. This morning, I decided to see what I could do at 4 sets of 5 reps:

Bench: 110lb
Squats: 125lb
OHP: 60lb
Rows: 85lb
Deadlift (2 sets of 5): 175lb

Well, there’s my starting point. Have to admit, I felt like a badass. I won’t have time to do many sessions, but we’ll see how much I can get better.

I accessorized with 1 set of 10 bicep curls at 20lb, and a farmer’s walk with 50lb in each hand. Between that and the DLs, my hands/forearms are beat! My little gym doesn’t really have open space to walk around in, so the farmer’s walk takes me over to the side where the machines are, crossing the front door area, basically along the path a man would walk to the locker room upon coming in. Inevitably there is a man coming in while I’m walking, so there’s a few seconds of standoff where they’re trying to go to the locker room and I’m making a gargoyle face trying to get by before I drop the damn dumbbells. They eventually give way. I haven’t had to roar at anyone yet, Get out of my way these things are heavy!

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