Uff da…

Hey guess what? I’m sore today. (This should surprise no one, ever.) My quads feel like I beat them with a meat tenderizer, and the little muscles and stuff around my knees are complaining. Thanks, squats.

I did want to get some easy cardio in today, though; usually that means running but today I wasn’t so sure. I put on my gym clothes and my running shoes with some trepidation,and decided that I would set the thingumbob for 30 minutes and not push it too hard, and if it was awful I could bail to the elliptical or bike.

It wasn’t awful, actually. I got through 2.59 miles in the 30 minutes and felt all right. But I’m 90% sure that around 3pm today I’ll be hobbling. And past experience suggests that I’ll be even sorer tomorrow– which is okay, I guess, since my plan is to drive 2 hours to go to a BBQ with some friends, plenty of sitting. I just keep deferring and compounding the soreness. Ah well.

(For those of you who haven’t spent time in the upper Midwest, here’s a quick explanation of today’s blog title… Sometime I should write about my boss when I was working up there, who went for a shirtless run outside every morning (yes, even in the winter) and followed it up with a doughnut, and whose office was decorated with paraphernalia claiming he was running on "Finn Power"…)

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1 Response to Uff da…

  1. I’m in Pittsburgh, and at one point had a boss from Wisconsin, took him a while to pick up our Yinzer lingo, but I recognized Uff Da as soon as I saw it!

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