The gym was good, at least

This post will probably be about 75% complaining, so I’m apologizing in advance. Here’s the good stuff first…

Gym time! The weekend felt like too long of a break, but it was busy and cold and windy and I couldn’t get motivated to get out there. I managed some yoga last night (and slept like a baby). Today I went back to the gym to lift and run, which went pretty well. I’m feeling like I’m getting my squats mojo back– 3×5 at 135lb didn’t feel so awful, and I did the last set at 145 which was a grind but doable. Bench snuck up to 110lb, too, OHP to 75lb and rows stayed steady at 85lb. Then I dragged my tired legs to the treadmill for 20 minutes/1.75 miles. Last night I powered through a hamstring cramp doing pigeon with a held foot, and today I paid for that with a very much shortened back of leg…

Now the grump: I’m worried that I waited too long to reserve a dive charter for my trip at the end of this month. So far I’ve only heard from one place, but their boats are full. They did, however, offer me a snorkel-with-the-manatees trip– not quite what I was looking for. So now I’m scouring the Gulf coast and sending out random emails trying to find a charter to dive from. I’m just one person, it should be easy to fit me onto a boat right?

And I’m just being kind of grump about this trip in general. It’s freakin’ expensive (especially since my partner insists on things like economy plus seats on the plane for the barely 2-hour flight– let’s double the price of these cheap tickets!) and if I can’t even dive what even is the point?

And I’m also grump because I’m finally biting the bullet and going to buy some gear for said trip. I used all rental gear before, so I need the whole shebang: mask, snorkel, fins, booties, at the bare minimum; BCD, and perhaps a first stage/second stage/octopus/gauge. Wetsuit later– I can rent one for the local conditions. But this is going to be a significant sunk cost. So dang it, I’d better be diving…

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3 Responses to The gym was good, at least

  1. Having my own mask, snorkel, fins, booties, I’ve actually felt like it was worth it (although I need a prescription mask so I can read my gauges underwater). My uncle has since given me his BCD and first and second stage (with octopus and gauge), but even renting those in the past wasn’t too bad.

    • G says:

      Yeah, I only wound up buying those 4 pieces of gear today. The guy showed me the BCDs they had, and once he said “yeah we do pool sessions so you can try out different ones” I decided to do that instead. Still, it was a chunk of change!

      • When I went to the Keys that’s what I took with me, and honestly, shops and charters are used to renting out the rest. And with having to pack them all for travel, that’s probably the best set-up anyway. Keep us posted, I’m so excited for your dives!

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