“Isn’t it a little cold for snorkeling right now?”

My schedule got adjusted slightly this morning: I had a meeting scheduled over my gym time. But I scheduled it myself this time… it was the only time I could get these 4 people in the same room. Therefore, I had to go to the gym early and not complain, because it was my fault.

Today’s workout was a simple 3 miles on the treadmill (either 37:30 or 34:29, depending on which representation of "3 miles" I use). It was a progression run: 1 mile normal-slow, 1 mile somewhat-fast, 0.5 mile rather-faster, 0.5 mile really-quite-fast. It felt pretty good though; my legs weren’t giving me a hard time or anything.

I’m a little surprised that my morning workouts have been going so well– I changed up my breakfast timing. Usually I roll out of bed about 6:30, have coffee and breakfast (usually a protein drink), then commute to work and go to the gym ~9:30. Now I’m waiting until after the gym to eat. I haven’t been thinking too hard about it, so it must be going okay. It’s better to have the protein drink after the workout anyway.

Yesterday I went to the dive shop and picked up very basic gear– fins, booties, mask, snorkel. The guy helping me at the store was great– didn’t even bat an eye when I walked in and said, "I know nothing and need everything." It was an expensive trip, though the items I bought were on the lower end of what they carried in the store. They had a small selection of just a few well-regarded brands and I could be confident that even though I wasn’t buying the priciest stuff it was still good stuff because they didn’t sell any crap. The guy also showed me their selection of BCDs and said they held pool sessions for folks to come and try out different gear, so I might be doing that soon. I got a lot of comments carrying an armful of scuba equipment home on the train…

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