Running at the whim of weather

I had a restful Friday (it rained) and today’s weather was about the best I could ask for in the middle of January: 50F, sunny, light breeze. The wind’ll pick up soon, and the temperature is scheduled to crash into the 20s tomorrow, so it’s a short window of niceness! Winter is such a tough season for running (particularly for those of us who hate the cold…)

Anyway, I headed out for 3 miles of hills. The first mile felt so good, cruising along at an easy trot. I’d been wondering about the accuracy of the treadmill runs I’d been doing, and that first mile confirmed that yes, my base pace has gotten a bit faster– 11:24 at a low level of effort. But mile 2 is always where I poop out, because mile 2 has a giant hill. I’m not sure what happened to my body at that point: my lower back was killing me, and my knees and feet felt terrible. ¬†Anyway, once I got up the top of the hill to the turnaround point, the rest was just trying to recover. The 3 miles took 36:44; I can live with that.

Now I’m going to sit around and watch The Martian. Gotta love the feeling of getting my workout in and being lazy the rest of the day :)

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1 Response to Running at the whim of weather

  1. Fed says:

    Well done for getting it done :)

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