I am a body, but maybe that’s not for everyone

Another Tuesday, another lifting workout. For some reason, Saturday’s run left me really sore; I struggled with aching quads and calves and feet all weekend. Today I was feeling a little better, so I got in the usual bench, OHP, rows and squats (115, 65, 85,135) and ran one fast but very tired mile before I called it a day. I don’t know what’s got me so worn out, but hopefully my energy comes back soon!

Right now I’m thinking about how exercise has helped me to feel embodied– basically, less like a brain in a mobile cart-body, which is how I felt not too long ago. Now I feel like my body is as "me" as my brain is. I usually think of feeling embodied as a good thing, and would recommend exercise as a step along this path.

Maybe that is an ableist way of thinking, though. In particular, folks with physical disabilities or degenerative disorders might not feel at all like their body is "them", even as they’re forced to confront their own physical difficulties daily. And for other people who might have suffered physical abuse or violence, feeling disembodied is a way to cope.

I’m rambling here, just thinking…

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