My skin doesn’t like winter

Today’s happy fun gym time was 3 miles on the dang treadmill, progressively turning it up– 35:10 overall. It was all going well until the last mile, then I pooped out and it started to get really hard, but I hung in there and finished strong.

The weather is absolutely not cooperating with my outdoor exercise plans– it’s been below freezing since Sunday, with plenty of wind and overnight lows in the single digits. And this weekend we’re forecast to get a ton of snow. I like a good blizzard as much as any displaced Upper Midwesterner, but it does put a damper on running plans. (On the other hand, snow shoveling is great exercise…)

The cold, dry weather has been doing a number on my skin, too. The Body Shop’s coconut body butter is my best friend right now (bonus: it smells like a beach) and I’m going through hand lotion by the quart. It seems like I wash my hands a billion times a day, and they’re always cracked, scaly, red and angry.

I’m sure daily showering isn’t very good for my skin this time of year, but since I work up a good stinky, salty sweat every day it’s hard to skip it. I’m trying to wash sparingly, with minimal mild soap, and use water that isn’t too hot (even if a hot shower sounds wonderful) and moisturize immediately afterward. Anyone got any products or tips for keeping angry skin at bay in the cold, especially after getting sweaty?

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6 Responses to My skin doesn’t like winter

  1. Cheyanne says:

    I wish I did but I live in Southern California and we don’t exactly get COLD weather. I HAVE been using sweet almond oil after every shower and it’s REALLY helping me. I’m that weird person that’s even allergic to Aveno so my skin is super sensitive. Body Shop body butter dries my skin out something terrible :(

    So, I don’t know! Try the almond oil! It’s not greasy so it shouldn’t irritate you too much when you exercise. Plus it’s about $2 so it won’t be too much of an investment if you don’t like it.

    • G says:

      I’ve got some in the cupboard, so I’ll have to give it a try!

      It’s leftovers from making homemade salt scrubs for gifts– sea salt + almond oil + a bit of scent.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    My tip is, don’t use moisturizers. They give a temporary feeling of relief but in reality are pulling moisture out of your skin. Use an oil to “seal in” the moisture your skin already has – could be almond oil as Cheyanne says, or coconut oil, or even canola for that matter. It’s just acting as a barrier against external weather and conditions, so it can be almost anything.

    • G says:

      It would depend on the moisturizer, right? My favorite daytime face lotion has a combo of glycerin (humectant, pulls moisture around) and oil, which would seem to be the best of both worlds. In the summertime I can get by with just a good humectant during the day. Nighttime is a whole nother matter– I like those facial oils, and I also have a nice cream made with sesame oil.

      But body-wise, I’m willing to slather myself with oil :) Whatever keeps my thighs from getting chapped in the bitter cold wind…

  3. EmmaJCarson says:

    Hi G
    Not sure where you live – I live in the Midlands in England and the weather is bitter at the moment! Lots of people I know are having problems with skin drying out at the moment. My tip, for what it’s worth, is coconut oil – I get eczema and it doesn’t aggravate it in any way. It’s cheaper if you get it from Asian supermarkets (places like Holland & Barrett can rip you off!). I’ll put it on my legs and arms after a shower. I put it on my face too, let it sink in then wipe of the excess before I put on my eye make-up. If I go for a run I put it on beforehand just let it sink in without bothering to wipe it off. That might work for you? Good Luck!

    • G says:

      We’ve got some of that in the cupboard too :) (Also agree with the Asian grocery tip– I can’t believe the prices they charge for that stuff in ‘standard’ grocery stores.) Sometimes my face gets chapped running outside in the cold, and the pre-emptive application sounds like a winner solution!

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