woot woot!

I guess I was feeling especially badass in the weight room today! Bench went up to 120lb, squats to 145lb, and deadlift to 195lb. Unfortunately I’ve only got one session left, next week before I go on vacation and then transition back to running training. I was hoping to get closer to my Stronglifts maxes in the short run, but this is pretty good. After that, I ran 2 miles of intervals on the treadmill (22:29). Barely. :)

So this song was on at the gym, and it took me straight back to like 1989:

Here comes some reminiscing: I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit (way out, about an hour from town; I had acres of cornfields for a backyard). I listened to the radio on my Radio Shack alarm clock all the time, and on the weekends the radio stations would broadcast live from the “parties” and that was my favorite time to listen. I kind of grew up with Detroit techno in my bloodstream, and I still have a deep love for the style and I’m happy to see that folks are still out there playing with it in more modern ways.

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