Snow removal workout

I’ve been stuck in the house since Friday and going a little stir-crazy (okay, a lot stir-crazy) so I was glad to get outside, even if it was to take care of this:


That’s my damn workout for today: clearing 30 inches of wet snow off my car. (There was no place nearby to put the snow, so I had to walk every shovel a long ways…) It took 2 hours.

It’s funny; I’m from the Midwest, where we know about snow. Clearing off cars might as well be the state sport. Maybe I’m out of practice, or maybe 30″ is still a big deal. Anyway, I came in drenched, and I expect to be quite sore tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow I can go for a walk around the neighborhood, scout the sidewalks, and enjoy the snow rather than cussing it out.

Hope everyone out there is staying warm and safe! Remember, lift with your legs…

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7 Responses to Snow removal workout

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Wow, you got a lot more snow than we did. Ours was still hard to remove – alternating layers of ice and snow, so a lot of breaking through with the edge of the shovel.

    I’m from the west/midwest too, and I think the snows were drier there, more powdery. At least, most of the time. That’s easier to shovel than this heavy, wet stuff.

    • G says:

      I think getting ice off is worse! It’s much trickier to get ice off a car, especially.

      We had long, cold winters in the midwest and it’d snow often and it would all stick but it would be like 2 inches, 4 inches at a time, that would just pile up and you’d shovel it as it happened. Not 2+ foot dumps of snow like we get on the east coast!

  2. stephieann8 says:

    We got the car covering amount as well. I was slip sliding all over the place trying to walk to the subway.

  3. Lady Dickson says:

    Snow removal is such a solid workout. That is an unreal amount of snow covering your car. And that says a lot coming from a Canadian ;)

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