Scary walk

I’m still suffering from cabin fever in here, so I decided to go out and scout the neighborhood and get some exercise while I was at it.

The good news is that roads are quite passable. Most have 1 or more lanes cleared per side, so cars are moving along well. (I get the feeling that it’ll be another story once people go back to work tomorrow– there’s not enough capacity on a normal day!)

The bad news is that none of the sidewalks have been dug out. In fact, the plows plowed the road snow up onto the sidewalk area, so there’s even more snow there now.  So, I walked in the road. Which was quite scary– one of the roads is a 35mph road where people usually do about 50mph and they certainly hadn’t slowed down because there was someone walking at the edge of the road!

Anyway, I was certainly motivated to walk the ~3 miles quickly. And I’ve been getting good use out of my waterproof hiking boots lately.

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2 Responses to Scary walk

  1. ebay313 says:

    Snow is one reason I often can’t run during winters. People don’t reliably shovel their walks and I would never feel safe in the roads!

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