Making plans

Well, I’m back from Florida. Overall the trip was kind of a wash; viz stayed bad (3′) so I didn’t dive at all. Instead, every day we spent most of the day visiting someone– my grandparents, my aunt, my aunt and uncle, our friend. Note that my partner and I are very much introverts. By the end of the trip I was done with human beings and hoarse. I love them all, but that was too much. (My partner is a saint for being patient with everything, too.)

On the way to the airport, though, it was a gorgeous day and I made a detour to Fort De Soto and we spent half an hour on the beach with our toes in the water, picking through shells. I’m very displeased that was the only beach time we had. It figures that it wouldn’t get warm until we were about to leave!

Now I’m back at home and back at work and therefore back at the gym. I really wanted to run so I hopped on the treadmill and put down 3 miles, playing with the speed and incline. I think this might be the first time I’ve started a full 2-month running training sessions with sufficient endurance to run hard for 3 miles.

Now I just have to pick a plan! I’ve been doing Higdon for so long and it does the trick, but maybe I should try a new one. It’s kind of hard to find a 5k plan in the right range; a lot of the intermediate ones have too much mileage, but the beginner ones don’t have enough. At the end of the day they all seem to look the same, though: 2-3 hard training runs, 2-3 easy shorter runs, and a long slow run.

Any suggestions out there for something different?

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2 Responses to Making plans

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    If the Higdon and similarly-patterned plans work well for you, maybe you could change up something else? Like where you run or when? New running clothes? :-)

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