Core hardcore

Recovery day today. I’m not sure if I really honored that or not; I wound up hitting the gym pretty hard, and I did work some of the muscles I use for running, so we’ll see if my body responds like "active recovery" or if it responds like "what the hell".

But! I’m increasingly aware of core imbalances/weaknesses that could use some work, so today I did exercises that ought to hit everything– my low back, obliques, abs, hip flexors, glutes…

Biceps/Triceps (I gotta)
Weighted back extensions
Cable wood chops
Leg raises
Kettlebell side crunches
Kettlebell swings
myrtl-like and hip-tastic: donkey kicks, fire hydrants/knee circles, jane fondas, clamshells

2 sets of 20 of each of these was a lot! I guess the question isn’t "will I be sore tomorrow" but rather "how sore will I be…" I hope it won’t be too bad… I have another 3 miles tomorrow to get done, and 4 for the weekend.

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