Supportive strength and endurance

Following on from my core workout yesterday… it seems like I’ve exercised everything evenly, since my entire midsection– front, sides, and back– is all somewhat sore, including some muscle groups that I’ve never really paid attention to before (like whatever it is that flexes the spine laterally? Internal obliques, I guess.) Exciting! Maybe I should keep this in the rotation for Thursdays.

When I started running, I started from a very low level of fitness. While I could get myself around fine at a walking pace, muscles had a lot of catching up to do when I started trying to go faster. One of the first new muscles I noticed were my (external) obliques that did a lot of work helping my body to rotate. They got strong much faster than the opposing muscles. I felt like I needed to be careful not to contract them too hard. Now everything’s stronger thanks to lots of lifting work, but I’m excited to build more strength and resilience.

Anyway, today I ran Saturday’s 5 miler instead of the 3 miles scheduled, because it’s bitterly cold out. Running outside on a day with a high of 20F and 20mph winds is not a viable option, so I will probably miss my run tomorrow– I’d rather get the long one done today and skip the 3 miler.

The run went pretty well, considering– I had some problems with my feet but I was able to finish the run without walk breaks in 1:01:53. (That meant an abrupt treadmill switch when the first one went into "cool-down" mode after 55 minutes. Argh!) I finished the run ravenously hungry… wasn’t fueled up for a long run, I guess!

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