Not an easy travel run

Well, yesterday I arrived at the city where the conference is being held and started walking around to get my bearings. Have I ever mentioned that I have a terrible sense of direction? Thank goodness for google maps on my phone!

When my sleep app made its step counter report this morning, I saw that yesterday I’d walked about 6-7 miles. No wonder my feet were tired.

And this morning I had a 3 miler on the schedule. The hotel has a tiny sweatbox of a fitness center, with 2 treadmills, a bike, and an elliptical machine tucked into a space on the roof– basically a shed. A nice shed.

Anyway, 3 miles didn’t happen. I struggled through ~2.4 miles in 30 minutes and decided that was plenty.  Feet and legs were so tired. (Last night’s cocktails probably weren’t doing me any favors either.)

Tomorrow I’m supposed to have a tempo run… We will see how that goes. I’ll be walking a little less today.

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