Pesky quadratus lumborum

Well, I’m finally back from my trip! I flew in late Saturday night and spent Sunday with a acutely painful back– guess everything caught up with me. This is the same injury from last summer, coming back to haunt me.

I was walking 6-10 miles every day with a heavy laptop bag on my shoulder, and I guess that was enough to tweak the muscle. (Next time: backpack.) It was mildly twingey during the trip, but once I got home it was in full-on flare mode. I suppose I should be thankful that it waited until I was home so I wasn’t totally incapacitated.

Anyway, today I tried out some yoga and it was okay. It was the first time I’d really stretched much for a week! When I wasn’t walking miles and miles, I was sitting in conference rooms in the world’s most uncomfortable chairs (my legs would fall asleep after 15 minutes). I tried standing around the edge of the room, but my feet were tired so that wasn’t really sustainable.

What I really wanted was to sit or kneel on the floor. I tried it once in a crowded meeting, but couldn’t see the screen. At home we sit on the floor a lot– dinner at the kotatsu is an everyday thing. I really did miss it; sitting cross-legged on the bed wasn’t the same.

I’m supposed to do 6×400 intervals tomorrow… I should be able to pull it off, since treadmill running doesn’t stress that muscle much, but we’ll see how it goes.

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