Ahoy, spring!

Guys, I think spring is happening! Don’t want to jinx anything, but it’s supposed to be in the 60s all week… I’ll be so happy to put my big down coat away…

To celebrate, I went for a run today. My back still isn’t 100% better, but it only twinged a few times. I finished the 3 miles on the monotonic up-down route in 37:30. Miles 1 and 3 were okay, but mile 2 was kind of cruddy.

Now that I’m well into mom-age (despite having no kids) a good side benefit is that I don’t have to worry about if kids think I’m cool or not– I never will be. When I was walking back into my complex after my run I passed by 4 boys, maybe 13 or 14 years old, messing around in a fenced-off area where they’d dug ~10′ to uncover a water main, big hole in the ground. Because I don’t care what they think of some mom-ish lady asking, I asked what they were doing in there. They didn’t really answer (and one asked if I was a cop). After a peek I just told them to be careful and went on my way. I can’t give anyone a hard time for messing around a construction site; I certainly did enough of things like that growing up.* Hopefully no one, like, fell in or anything.

* Since it’s spring, I was reminded of my favorite activity as a kid at this time of year: playing in ditches. I grew up in the country surrounded by farms and fields, and on either side of my dirt road were maybe 3′ deep ditches for drainage– and in the springtime, when everything started thawing out, those were kid magnets, like little freezing cold rivers full of fun stuff. My mom yelled at me to stay out, but I’d always come back all wet. My favorite thing, for as long as I’d fit, was to crawl through the culvert under the driveway. It wasn’t very big, maybe 2′ in diameter. This terrified my mom– this was the 80s, and Baby Jessica falling into the well was very much in her cultural consciousness. What would they do if I got stuck? Dig up the entire driveway and cut me out? Pour some Dawn in and hope I can get loose? Luckily that never happened, and eventually I got too big for the culvert…

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