Sore legs but a solid run

My legs are still a mess, but I decided I want to do today’s 4 miles fast workout since I’m going to miss tomorrow’s 6 miler thanks to dress shopping (hoping to move it to Sunday, we’ll see what happens). The weather is gorgeous today, and I went out in the late afternoon– it was high 60s, light breeze, plenty of sun. Just perfect.

The run went better than I thought: not sure if I achieved the 4 miles “fast” (okay, I know I didn’t– it took me 52:55) but I tackled the hills with gusto, and didn’t stop to walk other than at intersections. The uphills were quite slow, but I kept up a running stride so I feel good about that.

My guts are unhappy today, not sure what’s going on with everything below my waist but I wish it would cut it out! My uterus-parts bounced around painfully, and my intestines feel sore and sloshy (how’s that even work?) I hope I feel less bloaty and awful tomorrow.

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