Aaaand another 3 miles

I am so ready for a rest day. I don’t think I recovered well; I slept fitfully and my waking heart rate was unusually high. Regardless of all that, I headed out for today’s 3 miler, which was tough on tired legs but it went okay. The weather’s warm and sunny and I need to adjust to that! It was a sweaty 36:56 with stinging eyes.

I had to work at home unexpectedly and I left my running shoes in my locker, so I busted out my new shoes that I’d been saving (pair #3 of Mizuno Waverider 18s, size 8E mens, they keep getting cheaper the longer I buy them!) My left foot still fell asleep 2 miles in. It’s driving me a little nuts. Running along with a numb foot feels like a safety hazard; it’d be easy for me to land on it wrong.

Now I’m back to work and listening to a “Backyard Funk BBQ” playlist and grooving… gonna have to keep this one in mind next time I have a party!


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