Spring Friday run

This morning was beautiful and I slipped away from my desk to go run around the park. Today’s workout was a 5-miler, and I couldn’t stand to do it on a treadmill when it was so gorgeous out! I finished in 1:01:25; despite feeling awful and tired the whole time I made a halfway decent pace for 5 miles. This is also the route for the 5k in 2 weeks, it hasn’t changed at all but it’s always nice to scout it out beforehand.

The woods are full of purple crocuses and yellow lesser celandine (which is apparently invasive) and the magnolias and cherry trees are blooming and smell amazing. My long run also took me past the horse barn, which smelled of sweet feed and hay and obviously horse. Lots of people were out enjoying the trail today (and their off-leash dogs, but that’s a rant for another day).

One of my more novel tasks recently is working as a formalized project manager on a project that my boss is on the hook for. It’s giving me some insight into "managing up", which seems to be a lot of "remind my boss that he needs to do $thing so the project can move along". I feel a little bit like I’ve been assigned to be his work wife or something, nagging him to do things. All the other participants are 100% on top of their tasks, but my boss is over-committed and distractable, and it seems like every task in the work breakdown schedule is stuck at "waiting for $boss". This is what happens when scientists are turned into reluctant managers while maintaining their old workload, I guess…

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