Hills and hips

I ran today’s 3 miler on the worst hills I could find, maybe to punish myself for skipping the weekend’s 7 miler. (The weather was gross– I’m not running through 7 miles of rain/freezing rain/snow, sorry not sorry.)  Today’s weather was hard to dress for; it’s about 45F, sunny, and windy. If it was calm, a pullover and tights would’ve been fine but thanks to the wind I wore a fleece jacket, which wound up being too much once I warmed up.

Anyway the run was… not terrible, I guess. This graph sums it up. I am definitely seeing a pattern…


I bought my wedding dress over the weekend. I wound up going back to the fancy bridal salon to order the expensive one, and the owner recommended that, since I was going to have fairly major alterations done to the dress (shortening it to ankle length and removing the train) I could save some money by buying the sample at a discount. Saving money is good, I like that. The sample was a size too small, and that makes me worry, but the owner of the salon is the one who does all the alterations– she showed me the generous seam allowance on the dress and assured me that it would be okay, she could let out the hips so it would fit. Eeee. I’ll get fitted sometime in May, and I wonder if I could shrink my hips between now and then (and keep them shrunken until August). The outlook isn’t good on that, though– even when I lose weight, it doesn’t come from my hips… my pear shape just gets more exaggerated…

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3 Responses to Hills and hips

  1. Cheyanne says:

    I’m sure she’ll be able to alter the dress to fit you! She’s likely honest if she’s trying to save you some money :)

    • G says:

      I’m not doubting her honesty, and she had my measurements right there so I’m not really really worried. But my hips have defeated many a garment– having a 14″ difference between my waist and hips makes me really hard to fit. :-/ And if the alterations aren’t enough, it’s not “oh let’s grab another one” but “okay, now we have to wait 3 months for the right size dress to be made and shipped” (or more likely, “time for an emergency trip to David’s Bridal”) So I hope this one works!

      I do appreciate her trying to save me money, though! I thought that was very nice.

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