Shifting stride

Nice and easy 3 miles this morning on the treadmill, about 36 minutes, zoning out watching a rerun of the Nightly Show. (Tampon Tuesday!) I’m getting to the end of my training program and feeling pretty strong lately. I think my work on being slightly faster has been accompanied by a change in my stride towards the midfoot, which is shifting the balance of power in my legs from calves to quads. My upper legs feel beefier, and a hard ridge of quad is visible above my knee (of course, then it fades back into the rest of my soft thighs– my strong never really shows!) Taking some stress off my calves is probably a good idea anyway, endurance-wise.

This weekend’s going to be a busy one– having folks over on Saturday for game, Sunday we’re off to my partner’s ancestral homeland for Easter. I hope that somehow I’m able to fit the scheduled 7 miler in (it would be nice to at least do one this training cycle, eh?)

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