5 miles FAST!

It’s a rainy Friday, so I was stuck doing today’s 5 miles fast on the treadmill. It’s just as well– easier to pace myself that way. But an hour or so is a loooong time on the hamster wheel.

But anyway, hot damn! I finished that 5 miles in a solid, strong 56:56. Yes, I did that entire 5 miles at better than my 5k PR pace from last November (on the treadmill, ahem, but still). The race next Friday should be interesting. I’m hoping for cool and clear weather, since I’m not heat-acclimated yet– other years, sudden warmth has made the race really tough.

The race isn’t a "serious" race, at all; it’s not chip timed or a regulation course, it’s very a casual and fun out and back through a park, which is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but curse because it’s easier for me to be tempted not to take it seriously! And I’ve been training too hard not to.

It’s time for a sports bra refresh, and I’m still loyal to the Moving Comfort Fiona, but their distribution is all weird right now– apparently they’re selling new product only on the Brooks website now, and it’s been hard to find through other channels (and 36DD is never in stock). But I managed to find some ON SALE for like $35 on the EMS website in my size– only in black, but that’s fine. I bought 3. So other Fiona lovers, go check out that sale!

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