A long time coming

Last taper run today: 2 miles, 22:19 on the treadmill. I don’t think the "taper" philosophy really has space for "running fastest 2 miles ever" but oh well, at least I was entertained. Faster runs are inherently more interesting and attention-keeping than slow ones. Now I sit on my hands until Friday.

(Beware! Gross toe/foot stuff follows!) So– perfect timing, eh?– the toenail that I traumatized on my long hike last October has finally, finally come unattached from the nailbed (though it’s still attached at the base) and it’s time to take care of that. I must’ve done a great job traumatizing it; I expected a fresh nail to grow in fairly quickly but it’s been like 6 months now. The other toenail was similarly traumatized but survived, and it’s almost grown out. Anyway, I’m really squicked by the entire thing and not looking forward to having to fix it up. Why are toes and feet so awful?

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2 Responses to A long time coming

  1. Clumsy Runner Blog says:

    Oh dear sounds so painful. Hope you’ve wrapped it up well and it heals quickly x

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