Ignorance is bliss?

Last night I unleashed all the sleep-inducing tools I had at my disposal: 45 minutes of good, gentle yoga before bed; melatonin (thanks Ginger– this is my second night taking it); and I even stuffed foam earplugs into my ears (a little uncomfortable). Somehow it all worked– I fell asleep relatively quickly! But then around midnight I woke up– my partner’s snoring had gotten to earplug-piercing volumes– and had to move to the spare room.

This morning was my last taper workout (like jumbo shrimp) and I did more yoga, going through the first half of my favorite YouTube practice. I stopped once she started up with the challenging parts that leave me with sore hips, since I don’t need sore hips tomorrow.

(weight loss crap follows)
So, my partner has put on a little weight lately and is finding his clothes uncomfortable and feeling kind of loafy. I love him in all his forms, but I want him to feel good in his skin, too. The thing that blows my mind is this: he has never dieted in his life. So he has a vague idea "I’ll eat less and get back to the gym or something" while I can talk at length about meal planning, carb types, macronutrients, meal timing, calorie tracking, ‘free foods’, all the minutiae that have been drilled into my brain over the years. And part of me wants to be helpful and teach him, and part of me says no it’s better that he never knows about this.

Not sure what I should do, if anything. I’m leaning towards not doing anything. He’s a grownup, he can figure it out.

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6 Responses to Ignorance is bliss?

  1. Julie says:

    Unless he wants to loose weight there is no point! Men are different anyway – maybe it will be easy for him but he has to want it for himself. Commiserations on the snoring though – I can’t handle snoring at all.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    In my experience, men lose weight by merely cutting back on that third helping of dinner. He doesn’t need any help.

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