It’s not a race

I’m over here shaking my fist at the weather: thunderstorms today mean no 5k race. They’re going to reschedule, so hopefully I can make it when they do. However, this means I have to find a way to stretch my training schedule for maybe another week? I’m not sure how to keep up my running momentum.

So I went to the gym anyway and did a franken-workout: moderate lifting, run 3 miles on the treadmill, then a little core work. The gym is humid thanks to the weather and I wound up soaked. Ick.

My coworker-friend said he wanted to join me for some outdoor runs once the weather was nice. But I’ve never run with another person. And he’s like super fit and outdoorsy; he’s one of the guys I hiked with on the AT and he and his wife used to pack their weekends full of hiking and biking and soccer and stuff, but now his wife is very pregnant and my coworker is going stir-crazy.

Me: I’m slow. I mean, really slow.
Him: So? I don’t care.
Me: Really, really slow.
Him: I just need to do something! I’m aiming for like 20-minute mile pace here.
Me: That’s like walking…

But maybe I’ll set something up with him after all. It might be good with me to run with someone else…

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2 Responses to It’s not a race

  1. I’ll occasionally run with a good friend of mine in some local parks. He’s exceptionally faster than I am (ran cross country in college), but it’s good for both of us! He slows down and works on his form and I push myself to run a little faster than I normally would. Plus it’s great company! Go for it!

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