Uphill forever

Well, here goes extending this training plan for taper week #2. Ironically, on Friday when the race was supposed to be it was not thunderstorming, but was 75F and gorgeous. It didn’t even storm until the next day! (I thought about a long run over the weekend, but yesterday was in the 30s with wind gusts to 50mph. Ah, spring.)

Anyway, yet another 3 miles today. For some reason I had nothing in the tank and the monotonic uphill-downhill route really took it out of me. I finished in 37:24 and the uphills were just brutal. I didn’t stop to walk but I feel like I might as well have, as slow as I was going up the hills.

Oh, just got the email about when they’re rescheduling the race for: the Monday when I’ll be in Florida. Great, that was a pointless training cycle, I guess. At least I can get back to lifting with a clear conscience and stop dragging the running plan out.

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