Flowing with the changes

Every so often, someone asks me, "I really want to start lifting! Do you know of any good plans? What should I do?" My experience with lifting plans isn’t broad by any means, but the two I’ve tried, NRoL4W and Stronglifts, are both solid programs with different goals. I always wind up recommending NRoL for beginners. It’s been a while since I worked with it, and lately my goals have been aligning in that direction…

So today I revisited NRoL4W with Stage 1, workout 1A. It was only 3 exercises– squats, pushups, and step-ups– with 2 long sets of 15 and it totally kicked my butt. I’ve been spoiled; 5 squats is very different than 15. After that, I hopped my tired hamstrings onto the treadmill and ran for 15 minutes. Why not; stage 1 is quick.

Last night I got a phone call from my friend in Florida with bad news: her grandmother had died and the funeral is out-of-town this weekend. I had planned to fly down this weekend to stay with her; she offered her place to stay at anyway while she was away, or I could move the plane tickets and we could reschedule. I decided I’d do both: go down and stay and dive this weekend, but find another weekend where I could go back and visit her again. She’s been having an awful time of it lately and I was looking forward to cheering her up a little.

My partner says, "Gee, the universe is trying really hard to keep you from diving…"

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3 Responses to Flowing with the changes

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    UGH I hate sets of 15. I’ve done programs that mix up the sets/reps and always hated that day.

    Good luck with your scubaing. I think your plan is good, do both.

    • G says:

      I’m so sore today. Like toilet sore. After squats that were 70lb lighter than my old max. :-/

      Yeah I’m looking forward to the weekend– there are just some logistical issues to sort out, like how am I going to get the key to her apartment when she’s left the day before? But we’ll work it out.

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