I need to meet some lifter-divers

I never thought that 2 sets of 15 squats at 115lb would be enough to leave me wracked with DOMS for days. How the mighty have fallen.

Yesterday I took a telework day because I knew I’d have a tough time getting around (thankfully my job is flexible that way) but today I hobbled my way into the office. J came to get me for the gym, and I had a moment of doubt but I decided to go but keep it really light. So I spent 20 minutes on the stationary bike with very little resistance, just to get the blood moving, and had a good stretch.

One of my big worries is how DOMS and diving are going to interact. First of all, I need to be able to get myself in and out of the water with 40+ pounds of weights and gear on.

The other worry has more to do with decompression sickness (DCS), commonly known as "the bends" but covering all kinds issues with nitrogen load in the body. Strenuous exercise is strongly discouraged before and after diving; it raises the risk of DCS (they don’t really know why, though). Fair enough; I’m not going to go for a run over the weekend or anything. But I had no luck finding information about going into a dive in a heavy recovery phase.

At a basic level, divers need to monitor themselves post-dive for unusual aches and pains that can indicate nitrogen in tissues. If my quads are sore as hell, am I going to be able to differentiate that soreness from a potential DCS problem? Probably not! And are my wrecked quads more likely to be affected DCS? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m going to do my best to get rested and recovered. Stupid squats.

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4 Responses to I need to meet some lifter-divers

  1. Get as much rest as you can, and drink plenty of water. I always forgot that when I dove, the air is so dry you get dehydrated just breathing it. But the extra water should help ease some other pains and then you can at least rule out dehydration as a source of any lingering soreness. Have fun!

  2. Lydia H says:

    Also,make sure you keep an electrolyte balance if you’re drinking a lot of water.
    Fluid intake will also help your muscles get rid of some of the toxins as well

  3. Gingerzingi says:

    Given that the consequences can be very serious – up to and including DEATH – I’m going to suggest you forgo lifting for a few days before the dive :-)

    • G says:

      Well, the dive charter cancelled so I shelved the trip. I’ll have to try again another time. But I did take a break for a few days!

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