HIIT and protes

I’m in a table-flipping mood lately. My dive trip got cancelled (beautiful weather, bad wind, stirred-up water), so all weekend I sat around and grumped (and did housework). Today I’m back at work and playing catch-up– everyone wants me to do something for them, and everything they want me to do is stupid. (I have to meet with my boss for a mid-year review in a few minutes, so I’d better tone down the crankypants.)

I came to work early and went straight to HIIT class. The point of HIIT classes is to make you hate your life for 30 minutes, and I suppose it was successful in that regard. Let’s shred our hip flexors! More high knees! More mountain climbers! More jumping lunges! More V-sits and V-ups! I’ll be happy if I can lift my legs tomorrow. Also, I’d like to find the person who invented side planks with a hip abduction and punch them a couple times. HIIT is great!! I almost barfed.

(food crap follows) I’m probably also grumpy and barfy because I’ve decided to change some stuff around my diet and be all properly HIGH-PROTES. This is mostly an experiment, because it’s a pain in the ass (and expensive!) But I’ll try to keep lifting and eating nothing but Greek yogurt, chicken and protein shakes and see what happens in a couple months. (Cramming ~150g of protein into a day is HARD.)

Anyway, time to put on a happy face and go be a good little worker bee.

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3 Responses to HIIT and protes

  1. lozette says:

    I agree about eating high-protein being hard. I’ve tried to get 150g a day myself in the past and the planning is annoying. I eventually got pretty sick of having to cram protein shakes down myself ;-)

    • G says:

      I was thinking of you and your experiences while I was trying to choke down 4oz of plain chicken breast I brought as a “snack” this afternoon ;) I have some work to do on the planning part… but at least I have some protein shakes I enjoy now. (Do you guys have the Vega brand over there?)

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