Squat experimentation

Still in a table-flipping mood. I thought I had burned all the grumps off at the gym this morning, but then I sat in a meeting that felt suspiciously like rearranging the deck chairs for a failing project (that I’m in charge of managing, so I feel like the failure is on me, despite it being a cascade of technical problems) so now I’m grumpy again.

The gym went okay, though. I started off with an array of lightish box squats at different heights. This is the first time I’ve tried box squats, and it really forced me to keep my back up and control the movement– I have a tendency to tip forward. Then I put the box away and tried a heavier squat, keeping in mind how the box squat felt.

After that, a couple sets of moderate deadlifts, light bench (yesterday’s HIIT had full pushups and my delts and serratus are sore) and then some random core stuff.

I should probably be working on strengthening my glutes; they’re something of a weak link for me. Glute bridges are so awkward, though.

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2 Responses to Squat experimentation

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Glute bridges are awkward. I get some weird hamstring twangs, too.

    Sorry about your dive being cancelled. Super disappointing.

    • G says:

      Ah now I’ve fallen down a Bret Contreras hole reading about them. Looks like lots of folks have a hard time keeping their hamstrings quiet…

      It’s all right– I have another dive scheduled for May. If that one’s cancelled, though, maybe I should hang up my fins…

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