Optimizing my optimizing

Today was a recovery day at the gym; 30 minutes at a light-sweat level on the elliptical. So boring… but it got things warmed up and moving and I felt a little less stiff afterwards. Then, stretching. Spent some time with my hip flexors, doing one of them lying table stretches, where I noticed that my left knee wasn’t getting any lower than my hip. Maybe the time to work on its flexibility isn’t when it’s angry! (My body is angry right now pretty much from the waist to the knees, but in the "ow I work hard" way, not the "ow I’m injured" way.)

Protein Life is going okay so far; with a little planning I’ve been able to get to my goals (though today I’m going out for lunch, so it’ll be more tricky). In the morning I’ve been eating overnight oatmeal, with protein powder stirred in (aka "protes oats" because I love stupid nicknames that rhyme with "protes"). This worked fine with the Vega powder, but I ran out and switched to whey– which doesn’t dissolve too well. Mmm sticky globs of whey! Anyone out there got any ideas on how to make this work?

I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a "fitness assessment" from my gym, and possibly working with a trainer. It’s spendy, but it would probably be worth it to have my form critiqued and adjusted. The only problem is, I’m not sure if any of the staff have experience with powerlifting. Is a squat a squat? I only see them doing bodyweight/light dumbbell exercises with clients.

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  1. Protes oats, totes magoats!

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