Feeling like a tank

Yes indeed.

I am so excited to be back to lifting! I had a great workout today. Short sets of heavier box squats, then bench, glute thrusters, rows, OHP, lat pull-downs and cable woodchops. Doing the glute thrusters was every bit as awkward as I thought it would be. Why did I wear tights today? There were only two other people in the weight room, though; an older guy and a middle-aged man who I often overlap with and who I find mildly interesting, though I’ve never spoken with him aside from some college football talk (our teams are rivals). I aimed my crotch at the wall, away from mirrors, and hoped for the best. Those are also really kind of difficult– I tried to keep my back flat but it’s hard when I’ve got 65lb on my hips? And I have poor flexibility in my hips, and a very flexible lower back…

I put on some Arch Enemy and powered through all my sets feeling like a bad-ass. It was a nice change from plodding on the treadmill. Hopefully I’m not too sore though– I volunteered to help a friend move house tomorrow. (She’s had a rough time of it, there was a gas leak in the building, explosion, people died, and now the property management company is jerking her around. Helping her move is the least I can do.)

After that, though, I’m going to a wine festival! So that should be fun! My partner isn’t a huge wine fan but every time he finds one he likes we never see it again. So I’ve told him that if he does find one he likes, he should buy a dang case. I’m hoping to see some native grapes at the festival– those are my favorite, even though they’re sweet.

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