Monday Runday

This weekend was a little bit much. Saturday morning I was up at 5am to drive 2 hours to get my friend’s stuff into a U-Haul and into her new place. My partner threw his back out immediately (first lift probably shouldn’t have been the couch, hon) so that left 3 of us– me and two guys– to get it all done. Note to self: give at least 1 day between leg day and carrying furniture up and down stairs. My poor quads. Then, in the afternoon was the wine tasting; I went to that by myself (see partner with strained back) and naturally tasted too much of the wine and my friend’s parents, who were hosting the tasting, generously offered me a bed. Didn’t get home until 3pm Sunday. There went my weekend.

Anyway, today is a nice day and I went out for a 3 miler this morning. It wasn’t fast but it was oddly solid; I was puttering up the hills on auto-pilot. I forgot how much having my quads stronger is helpful for grinding out hills!

I can’t tell yet if high-protes life is doing anything different, aside from making sure I don’t eat cookies. I completely disregarded it over the weekend, anyway; really, was I going to say “Oh thanks for buying pizza for us! I’ll be over here with this chicken breast and whey protein shake I brought.” And I’m pretty sure wine has 0 protes…

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2 Responses to Monday Runday

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    When you wrote about your plans the other day I thought it was a lot to pack in. But then, for me doing two things in a single weekend is HUGE :-)

    LOL the too-much wine tasting. Glad they gave you a bed.

    • G says:

      My friends’ folks are such wonderful people– kind and really fun to be around!

      I won a bottle of wine for a door prize, too, but I haven’t felt like opening it yet…

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