Maybe the 5:30am start is worth it to have my workout done by 7:30? My train was late, and I joined the class right after the warmup. Good morning! Time for weighted lunges with kicks and burpees with dumbbells!

Today’s class didn’t seem that bad, maybe because the instructor picked the hard versions of exercises so the volume was lower and slower (I can only do so many diamond pushups before I collapse). Burpees usually don’t work very well for me because of my T.Rex arms, but today’s variation with dumbbells actually made them easier– the extra 2" gave me just enough room, plus the variation called for renegade rows at the bottom so I wasn’t jumping back right away.

Over the weekend, I got 80% of the wedding invitation envelopes addressed– all by myself, since my partner begged off because of his bad handwriting. I suppose I’ll have to write all the thank-yous too? Someone get him calligraphy lessons for a wedding present… At least he isn’t being a jerk about it, he’s volunteered to do all the stuff that doesn’t involve writing, like stuffing and stamping and printing labels for the RSVP envelopes.

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