Casual competition

Today’s lifting session started off amazing and ended not as well. I put Amon Amarth in my ears and got to work:

Box Squat – 135x5x5 – These felt really good today and I put a lot of work into keeping my back up.
Glute Bridge – 45x10x3 – Still awkward as hell, but I’m getting the hang of isolating my glutes.
Bench – 105x5x5 – Sets of 5 feel short! But by the end of the last one my arms were done.
Deadlift – 175x(5,1) – And here’s where it all fell apart. I need to stop doing DLs at the end of my session; I went moderately heavy and aggravated my QL again as I was unracking for the second set. The first rep of the second set was a serious NO moment and I immediately stopped.
Accessory – Lat PD (30x10x2) and Lunges (only a few, QL was whining)

Note to self: rearrange lift order to squats, bench, DL, then everything else so I’m not as fatigued.

As I was gingerly unloading the DL bar one of the gym staff came up and told me that they were having a powerlifting competition next month (standard 1RM for bench, squat and DL, by weight class) and said I should sign up. Immediately I wanted to say "uhh, did you see me just re-injure my back" but hopefully I’ll be able to keep training and do the comp at the end of next month. I have a lot of work to do– I wonder if I can get back to what I was lifting last year? that’d be 120+185+215, which is respectable enough I guess (and those were sets of 5…)

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