It’s not a taper, it’s just not running for 3 weeks…

What do you do at the gym one day after an injury and one day before a race? For me, the answer is: not much, and hope for the best.

Yes, I got dragged into running 5k try #3. It’s also supposed to rain tomorrow, maybe there will be a #4. Nevermind that I’ve only run 10 miles this month! It hasn’t even been on my radar. At least my legs should be fresh, I guess. I’m not going to break any PRs, but I get to run around a park for a while. (Then come back and do my lifting workout for the day? Argh.)

So today’s short time at the gym started with 10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, then 3 sets of 10 careful deadlifts with just the bar, to get into the injured muscle a little bit, and lots of stretching around in-between. Then I grabbed a foam roller, did that for a while, stretched and called it a day.

I asked my partner for a backrub last night, and while he gave me one he aggravated his back injury again. So both of us are groaning around.

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