Super Caj 5k Race Report

Another year, another spring 5k. I can’t figure out why my gym does them in the spring; since the weather is squirrely, they get postponed a billion times. This one was no exception– it was supposed to happen 3 weeks ago, and this was the third try! Since it was the third try and apparently everyone else gave up, only 6 of us ran. Usually the turnout is like 50 people.

Anyway, the weather was mid-70s, cloudy (t-storms rolling in, but we managed to miss them, only just– it started raining after we all finished) with a light breeze. Not bad for racing.

Now, if I was serious about this race, I would’ve skipped quats and deadlifts on Wednesday. As I did not, my quads and hamstrings yelled at me the whole time. But I put in a good solid effort and made it to the finish line in 37:19, a flat 12-minute pace. I’ll take it– and now I can officially hang up distance running and get back to lifting. (In truth, I hung it up 3 weeks ago! I’m kind of amazed I made it through the thing without walking.)

The small field meant that I was both the second woman to finish, and the last one. The last finisher overall, though, was a man whose friend had signed him up for his very first 5k (and said he would run along with him and didn’t, the jerk!) He toughed it out to the very end! I had caught my breath, so I went back to run with him and cheer him on through the last tenth of a mile or so. A friend did that for me on my first 5k and it was encouraging, so I hope it was encouraging for him too.

("Super Caj" explanation here, because it is one of my favorite linguistic things)

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3 Responses to Super Caj 5k Race Report

  1. That’s awesome you went back to run with him!

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