Running meeting

Well, that was different. I’m working at home today, and I had a meeting to call in to this afternoon– you know the kind where it’s not any slides or anything, and you’re not really expected to interact, it’s just mostly listening to someone talk? (Which of course is everyone’s favorite thing, sit and listen to someone talk for an hour…)

So I got Webex for my phone, put on my running clothes and headed out, with the webinar in my ears. I figured I’d run as long as I wanted, walk as much as I wanted, just sort of chill. It turned out to be mostly running but fairly slow. The monotony of the speaker didn’t inspire me to go fast, but it did make it easy to zone out and keep on going. In 49 minutes the meeting was done, and I’d covered 3.6 miles.

This past weekend was super busy. Friday night we were invited to our friends’ Seder (which went very late!) then Saturday we had people over for lunch and game, and in the evening we went out for a friend’s birthday dinner. Thankfully Sunday was pretty quiet, but I was an emotional wreck– we had our first meeting with the wedding officiant, which went fine but I’m coming face to face with a lot of issues about my family and it’s challenging. I’m thinking about signing myself up for therapy until after the wedding.

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