The day I lost my mind in HIIT class

  • Decline pushups (feet up on a step) on a Bosu
  • Superman planks on a Bosu (opposite arm and leg raised)
  • Burpee pushups with a Bosu

Aside from being on a Bosu, these all have in common that they are some of the most challenging variations of each exercise. This is what the instructor programmed in her HIIT class, which means I spent a large chunk of the class failing, and also trying not to cry or throw the Bosu in frustration. (Only slammed Bosu down once; managed not to cry until I got in the shower.)

It’s not like I was the one straggler who couldn’t keep up with the class– there were only two of us in it! The other guy was some fit, ex-mil looking dude, and he was fine. But I really could’ve used some easier variations– one of the reasons why HIIT works is because there’s a good volume of the exercise, and I’d rather do lots of an easier exercise than just one or two reps of the hardest one.

It’s especially frustrating, because I show up to HIIT class ready to work hard. I don’t go there to slack; I understand that I’m going to hate my life for 30 minutes. But if I physically cannot do the programmed exercises there is no point. I just feel like that fat chick who shouldn’t even be in this class, and there is no reason for that when there’s only two people in there.

I guess I should condense this and send an email to the instructor– who I really like, actually– and explain. I don’t want to be like, “Your class sucks and unless you change it I’m not coming back!” but honestly, the way it is right now, there’s not much point in my even walking in the door (and trust me, I’d rather have the extra hour of sleep in the morning!)

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